Monday Morning Offering - 46

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

Yesterday was a beautiful day, Lord
in so many ways,
so I can't explain to you why, at one point,
in response to something so small,
I found myself ready to sputter and splatter
my quick-tempered spite --
but before a word left my lips,
your Spirit gave me pause and I saw how easily
I can think
it's all about

I'm embarrassed to say that, Lord,
but I know it's true...

I'm grateful for that moment's grace
when I saw myself about to pop off -
but too many times I miss that moment,
I miss the grace...

So centered on myself, I miss your Spirit
prompting me to "count to ten"
to spare those in my path
my wrath and foolish fuming...

So this morning, Lord,
I offer for your healing
my self-centered snarl,
my hair-trigger growl,
my defenses aprowl to protect
my way of seeing and and my way of doing
at hand...

With your Spirit's power,
tame my temper, Lord,
and temper my rash response...

Let your Spirit be the gatekeeper at my lips,
keeping watch
on my words and my ways...

With your Spirit's patience,
take hold of my heart, Lord:
tame, heal, shape and mold me
as the person you made me to be...

Accept my embarrassment
as a contrite heart and give me a heart like yours,
slow to anger and quick to kindness...

And when others snap at me
help me understand, Lord,
and remind me of my own need
for your grace and healing...

Good God of my Monday mornings
and every morning,
be with me this day
and every day this week...




  1. Perhaps you had reached the point of "the straw that broke the camel's back." Or perhaps you were tired after the exhausting marathon of masses at this time of year with the First Communions, etc. Something that ordinarily might not have caused you to sputter or almost sputter did. I think it is quite understandable and think you shouldn't worry about it anymore!


  2. Ah, but none of the above excuses what might be hurtful to others. Worrying about it and bringing it to prayer was just what I needed it to do.

  3. How easy it is to justify my own sputtering or to claim it is the "final straw"! I should know by now to engage my brain before engaging my mouth! I loved your morning prayer today. It hit home for me and I hope I remember it when I most need it!


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