Blessed are those called to the wedding feast of the Lamb!

Photo: DonnaMc (Click on image or larger version)

At the end of the 11:30 Mass today we offered a blessing for couples celebrating significant wedding anniversaries (from 5 years to 61 years married!). As the anniversary couples arrived at church they received corsages and boutonnieres. After Communion we presented each couple to the assembly, noting their year of anniversary, their wedding date and the church in which they married. Brunch for the couples and their guests followed in the parish hall.

A beautiful way to celebrate the Eucharistic feast of the Body and Blood of the Lord: at the wedding feast of the Lamb where Christ the Groom embraces his Bride, the Church, in the holiest and most intimate communion of all.



  1. Thank you for taking the time and effort to recognize marriage in this way. Marriage is not an easy job and its successes are more often than not, overlooked. What a wonderful celebration!

  2. God bless this event and all these fine people.

    This is a very beautiful thing to celebrate.

  3. I am glad that I was at this Mass- this celebration- I must admit, it made me kind of sad because I myself have not met someone to love and who loves me so much...
    but, thank you for this experience.


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