Living a homily...

Image by Dina Rudick

St. Francis of Assisi said, "Preach always. When necessary, use words."

For a beautiful recounting of one priest's faith and fidelity, read Michael Paulson's story on Fr. Jim Field, pastor of Incarnation Parish in Melrose, in today's Boston Globe.


  1. I read this story earlier today and was very touched. Jim Field is an amazing man and an amazing priest. I remember some programs he ran with the North American Forum, some RCIA sessions. He was fantastic. I also remember so much how helpful he was in Concord when you were in the hospital years ago. He has been in my prayers for some time and will continue to be. He has been "with God" for some time already, just hasn't exactly met him face to face.

  2. I read this earlier- what a remarkable man.

    He is in very much in my prayers.

  3. He has been and remains in my prayers. Pray for a miracle! The church needs him!

  4. What an insprirational man!


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