Monday Morning Offering - 51

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

It wasn’t out of nowhere, Lord,
but it did surprise me…

Looking back to early last week
I can put the pieces together
but I really didn’t see it coming:
the healing of an old wound;
the blessing of a place within
so long in need of blessing;
the filling of an empty cup
my heart had held in hope...

Or had my heart let go the hope
to one day lift that cup,
to toast the man within,
the man you fashioned me to be,
the man I know and want to be
but sometimes cannot find?

I will not ask you why it took so long
to heal, to bless, to fill
or why so slowly, late,
has come this grace, this gift, this good

for it is likely I who have been slow
to do my part in this:
the work of offering for your touch
the hurt that needs to heal…

More broken pieces wait, O God,
the healing, blessing, filling
only you can visit deep inside
where shuttered doors await the key
your hand is keen to turn…

I offer, then, a heart that waits
to be surprised and not surprised
when you arrive to open
what I’ve longed to see
and hoped to know
and lay before your eyes…



  1. Dear Father Fleming,

    There are many of us in Concord who hold you in prayer each day. I thank God for his granting of special grace to you.

    Irish Gal

  2. this is beautiful- and very personal (for, I think, all of us... )

    ...and I hold you in prayer each day as well (though I do not live in Concord)...

  3. This was beautiful...thank you for sharing your vulnerability, your humanness. We are really all in this, each with our own struggles, yet together.

    I too have felt that longing to be healed. Because of this longing and the continued wait for healing I have tried to go deeper,only to discover that trust is what is really broken in me and this discovery has been the real gift/healing. The gift is that through trust healing does happen. As you say, almost by surprise.

    I will ask for healing, but now I try to turn that asking into trust, "that you will do what you will with my brokenness" and always I am humbly surprised.It is taken away or used, but it is NEVER wasted.

    Thank you again, for trusting all of us with what is deepest in you. It has given me permission to share what is in me.



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