I am the Bread of Life: John 6:24-35

Image source: Bread of Life Tabernacle

I begin my homily preparation a week ahead on Sunday night, reading over the scriptures for the coming Sunday. I then carry those texts in a small notebook in my pocket all week so that as free moments or ideas occur, my homily "tools" are at the ready. My focus on Friday and Saturday is on writing my homily for the weekend. Until that text is ready for the Saturday 5:00 Mass (and its final redaction on Saturday night) my attention and energy on those two days are homileltically directed. This weekend is one of those rare times when I will not be preaching on the Lord's Day and it makes Sunday's approach a strikingly different experience.

Lectionary Year B's summertime excursion from Mark into the gospel of John brings us 5 weeks of scripture centered on the Bread of Life. For the readings for this Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, see this earlier post for links to the scriptures, background material on them and help for those who will bring children to hear the Lord's Word this Sunday.

And, do you remember this?


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