Who gives a fig? The prophet Amos did!

These, dear readers, are figs from a sycamore tree - just the kind Amos used to tend before the Lord called him to be a prophet. Sycamore figs aren't likely to be found on your table. It seems they're not very tasty (in biblical times, perhaps until today, they were eaten mostly by the poor) but they are known to be pleasantly aromatic.

Well, tending sycamores was something Amos did until the Lord got his ear and gave him a new line of work.

For more on Amos and the prophetic mission of the apostles and all Christians, see the scripture readings and background material for this weekend's liturgy.

And here's a picture of a sycamore tree - just the kind the Zaccheus climbed to get a better view of Jesus as he passed by.

(Images by Ferrell Jenkins)



  1. The Sycamore tree was also used for early egyptian coffins.

  2. Zaccheus, a Scripture story I quote so frequently!


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