Monday Morning Offering - 66

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

I know that much of my prayer
is a kind of
give and take:
I offer you something
and then I ask for something...

Today is no different, Lord,
so please be patient
with how little I have to offer
and how much I know I need from you...

I offer you my challenges this day
and pray for strength to accept them...

I offer you my failures this day
and pray for wisdom to rise above them -
and to try again to tomorrow...

I offer you my sorrows this day
and pray that I carry them with grace...

Lord, I offer you my joys this day
and pray I put the happiness of others
ahead of my own...

I offer you my fears this day
and pray for courage
to make it through the night to tomorrow...

I offer you this day's unexpected problems, Lord,
and pray for serenity to cope with them...

I offer you my work this day
and pray I do it well, with honesty
and in fairness to others...

I offer you my laziness this day
and pray you shake and waken me
to this day's opportunities to live fully,
change gracefully
and become the person you made me to be ...

I offer you my eyes, Lord:
let me see as you do...

I offer you my ears:
help me hear the cry of the poor...

I offer you my voice:
use my words for healing
and for making peace...

I offer you my thoughts:
give me your Spirit's counsel...

I offer you my imagination:
keep it true and pure...

I offer you my hands:
work through me for good of others...

I offer you my feet:
lead my steps
on the path you have marked out for me...

I offer you my heart, Lord:
mold and shape it
according to your Word...

I offer you this day
, Lord,
for this is the day you have made,
the day you have given me,
the only day I have...

Keep me in today, Lord,
and keep my day in your loving care...


(a repost from 9/22/08)



  1. As I prayed the monday morning prayer I added an extra one for you !!

  2. Father, with your permission, I would like to add your Monday Morning Offering to my Monday posts. Since mine are meditations on various Biblical passages, I would not want to make the link if you were to be uncomfortable with that. Would you be so kind as to let me know?

  3. I'd be honored for you to do so, Elizabeth! I only ask that the post include a link back to my blog. Thanks for helping to spread the word!

  4. I so appreciated reading your morning prayer, and know that I will place it in my Bible--where so many things I love to re-read are kept. I'd like to share this with the Cursillo team I am leading for the November women's weekend, with your permission, of course. Judith

  5. Judith: few things please me more than knowing that my efforts here are carried further by my readers - please feel free to share!

    De Colores!


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