The "busy season"

Around Christmas, folks often say, "This must be your busy time, Father." In an active parish it's busy just about all the time but at certain times of the year it gets really busy - and Christmas is not the busiest time of the year.

Late summer and early fall constitute one of the busiest seasons in parish life. Although nature is preparing for a long winter's sleep, the gardens and fields of parish ministry are sprouting and blooming like it was spring time. (And of course, south of the equator that's the reality outdoors as well indoors.)

No complaint here: just a statement of how things are in late September parish life.

All of that is by way of introduction to the point of this post. I'm looking forward to things settling down (as they have already begun to do) and for a schedule that will allow me time for writing and posting more than the regular material of homilies, MMO's, Word for the Weekend and the like. Got some topics on the back burner I want to address I'm looking forward to doing so.

In the meantime, please know how grateful I am for your faithfully stopping by this corner of the blogosphere. I know it's a busy time for many of you, too!


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