What is that? (a short film)

(H/T to FPO for the link to this short film)



Elizabeth Mahlou said...

I have seen this film before. It is excellent -- worthy of thought.

Anonymous said...

Austin... how do you find these great vids?

Joe C

ConcordPastor said...

Two ways, Joe:

1) Stay up too late, surf the net and other blogs and find great vids.

2) Have friends like FPO who tip you to links they've found!

Anne said...

brought tears to my eyes...thanks! learning to find delight with patience while challenged seems to be the lesson of the week. AMAZING

Anonymous said...

Wow, amazing. I had to forward this to a few important people in my life. Thanks!!
- Meighan

Katie said...

Heartbreaking yet uplifting all at once. Should be required viewing for anyone struggling to care for an elderly parent.