is what I...
do and avoid
love and hate
need and ignore
thrive on, put off
look for, hide from
want and reject
relish and despise
skip and overdo
share and possess
quit and begin...

Work can...

free and rule
strengthen and weaken
connect and separate
fill and empty
gratify and annoy
energize and sap
define and destroy
lift and dispirit
develop and consume
ruin and save me...

If it's not too much work... do you have any "pairs" to add to those above?

Here's a short history of Labor Day from (where else?) the Department of Labor.

Image from Words at Work by David Horner and Steven Strutt



  1. Work is what...
    builds up and breaks down
    Work can...
    satisfy and deplete

  2. This is really good. I can't say that I have any word pairs to offer, I like what Anne has added.

    This Labor Day I am reminded of how I am in a job that I did not want to take, but I did... I needed a job and it was in a church.

    Here I am 9 months later, almost to the day and I can only say that I love my work very much.

    Oh yes there are days that are bad, but mostly they are great. It is not a only a job after all, but a ministry.

    Who knew?

    Good work for all, work that feeds the heart and spirit as well as providing a just wage.


  3. wonderful..... worrisome


    love filled....hate filled

    just a few thoughts....
    I did LOVE my job altho there were
    always a few times..........!

  4. apc: I'm sure those "few times" all occurred before March 1, 1994!


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