Punkatasset morning: October in Concord, MA

Yesterday afternoon, October 18, it snowed in Concord, Massachusetts. Seems to me that such weather should be outside the bounds of natural law! The photo above is what Concord, MA should look like in mid-October (and does, today!) and I'm grateful to MDR for sharing this beautiful image with us.



  1. I used to take my dog Lucy for walks at Punkatasset - usually about three times a week. She loved it! We would make our way around Hutchins Pond and, at the end of the walk, Lucy would go for a swim. She loved that too, Especially if there were other dogs or children to play with. Lucy was a very friendly puppy!

    This photo brought back some lovely memories of my Lucy. Thanks.


  2. I just noticed your translation box. I tried it in French and Voila!

    How fun is that!


  3. I love Punk Hill, used to go there all the time with my dog Emma.

    I've been meaning to get back ther for some walks, and think about it everytime I drive by on my way to a Monument St job I'm at.

    Thanks for the picture..its compelled me to make a hike happen!

  4. It is beautiful indeed. I remember those scenes from my military days when I was stationed in Massachusetts -- Ayer, to be precise. Not that far from Concord, and very much like Concord in appearance. There is definitely something special about a New England fall BEFORE the snow comes! (Of course, the snow and ice came be beautiful, too. I don't think God knows how to many a season that is not beautiful.)


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