Word for the Weekend - October 18

You'll note that on the sidebar I've changed the content of one of the entries. Rather than posting a scripture quote from the previous Sunday's scriptures, I've begun posting a quote from the coming Sunday's Mass with a link to all three readings and the background material available at the St. Louis Sunday Liturgy site. I hope you'll find that helpful. I'll continue to post, usually on Wednesday, a piece like this, highlighting the scriptures we'll hear on the Lord's Day and teasing you into taking a look at them ahead of time!

October 18 will bring us to the 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time. The scriptures for the day and background on them are here and if you're bringing young ones to Mass with you, please check out the Sadlier site for hints to help the children prepare to hear the Word.

The image above is as strong and striking as are today's scriptures. The first lesson, from Isaiah, is somber and sobering, with hints of redemption shining through. It's a Good Friday text and pairs well with the Marcan gospel in which Jesus speaks of the cup of suffering he is to drink and his servant's work as our redeemer. Jesus is our ransom! With unusual complementarity for a Sunday in Ordinary Time, the second lesson fits well with the first and third readings. The Letter to the Hebrews gives us Jesus, the high priest, who can sympathize with our own weaknesses for he was tested in every way we are - yet without sin.

Image: ChristianityToday



  1. Love this change. I actually did the "prep" work this week with the kids - a rewarding (and hopefully habit-forming) exercise!

  2. MDR: when you wrote "this week" were you referring to the weekend just past or to the coming weekend?

  3. Just past. We looked up the readings in "context" from chapter and verse, they did the Sadlier site page, and I really liked the SLU link. It was like being prepared for class rather than going in "cold"!

  4. I'm so happy to hear that, MDR! I have no way of knowing how many/if any make use of these links so your comment made my day!

  5. I find the links very helpful and love that you are now doing the next Sunday readings. We are involved in RCIA and when it is our turn to do dismissal with our catechumens, this is a great refresher link. (Actually, a great refresher every week. Thanks!)

  6. I, too, use and appreciate the links and your weekly post personally as well as part of my preparation if I am serving as a lector for a Mass that weekend...


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