And so it begins...

Just about nothing could keep me from being at Boston's Wilbur Theater this week to hear Manhattan Transfer on their 40th Anniversary Tour featuring their newest album, The Chick Corea Songbook! Just about nothing -- except for the concert date -- Wednesday, February 17...


  1. I can see one thing that you will be giving up for Lent...

    So sorry!

  2. Manhattan Transfer AND the Chick Corea Songbook? Oh wow. Don't you have a deacon???

  3. I have three deacons and a pastoral associate! But it's about the spirit of the day, not the schedule on the sacristy bulletin board.

    I just keep thinking of all the dates on which this concert MIGHT have been scheduled!

  4. What a bummer! That would have been terrific...

  5. Dear Fr. Austin,

    Sorry you can't make it to that concert. I know from experience that agents don't pay much attention to the liturgical calendar. After I left the Manhattan Transfer (in 1979,following a car accident), I had to learn to be very firm in holding certain dates
    unavailable for bookings. This is tricky enough for a solo artist, and almost impossible for a group when each member has different beliefs and needs.

    I have been enjoying your blog, and invite you to visit mine at www.laurelmasse.typepad.com. Thank you especially for your "Intro to Abstinence and Fasting". It is always good to be reminded.

    Blessings to you -
    Laurel Massé


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