How things change...

It wasn't all that long ago...

I can remember leaving the office, happy to jump into my car and get away from those pink, While You Were Out message slips and phone calls...

Now I leave the office, jump into my car and start making phone calls...

At what point did I trade in the peace and quiet for 24/7 phone availability - and believe I was getting a bargain?

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  1. For me it started about 10 yerars ago, I miss the old pre-cell days.

  2. As someone who is a secretary to a very busy pastor, I can appreciate this. I suspect that the only difference, in this regard, between you and him is that he has a Droid and you have an iPhone!

    Prayers for you all and for the many demands upon you! Prayers for your very generous lives, often not seen in that light, but very generous indeed.

  3. ......and you shouldn't be jumping in the car and picking up your cell phone!!! Isn't there a law against that in MA? There sure is in NY!

  4. Hope you are using a Bluetooth in the car!

  5. They are trying to get a "No Phone Zone" for autos......no phoning or texting in cars...no excuse!

    Difficult to do but think of the people who have been in accidents due to this very issue

  6. CP, I wonder if you thought comments would go this way? :)
    very good points...
    and the 'no phone use in the car' is good for safety AND maybe some peace and quiet...

  7. I hadn't given much thought to how comments would go here - but if I had, I don't think I would have predicted this path!

  8. I have a cell phone. Nothing fancy. I think it cost me 10 bucks. I buy a card every now and then to load it with minutes. The cell phone rides around in my car with me. The only time I use it is to check if there are any messages on the home phone, and I make sure I'm parked somewhere when I do that. WA has a no phone law on the books.

    Besides, I'm better able to listen to all those books on CD as I do my 120 mile commute!

  9. I have a cell phone but use it only for emergencies. I like it better that way. Prayers for you in your ministry!!

  10. Having just upgraded to the latest Palm gizmo, I have to say that it's like the alcohol to which my father was sadly addicted:

    Either you control it, or it controls you.


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