Monday Morning Offering - 94

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

Some things need changing in my life, Lord,
and I wish, I pray these changes would happen over night
but change comes slowly -
perhaps because I come slowly to change...

I offer you my need to change, Lord,
my need to be changed, my need to be open
to the changes you would make in me
and in my life...

I offer you my need to be fine-tuned, Lord,
lest the strings of my life sound flat
or worse, sharp, in the hearts and ears
of those who hear me...

I offer you my need to be changed
from the inside out, Lord,
from the core of who I am:
for my heart to be adjusted
to loving and being loved;
for my mind to be synced
with your word and your wisdom...

I offer you my need to be stretched, Lord,
to be the person you made me to be,
to be satisfied with nothing less
than becoming the person
you call me to be...

Open my eyes, Lord,
to see your hands at work in my life...

Open my ears to hear
you calling me along this path or that...

Open my mouth, Lord,
to speak what is mine to say,
to offer what is mine to pray...

Open my heart, Lord,
to your Spirit shaping me from within...

Open my life, Lord,
and bring to harvest all you have planted
and everything you nurture within me...

Some things in my life need to be changed, Lord,
and I ask you to heal and mend whatever you find
torn, wounded or broken...

And open me, Lord,
to all who cross my path this day:
may I help those in need,
cheer those in sorrow,
comfort those in grief,
stand with those who are alone,
rejoice with those whose hearts are glad
and be delivered from any who would harm me...

Such is my prayer this Monday morning, Lord,
and every day this week...

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  1. yes- so be it


    (thank you)


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