Podcast of Pentecost Homily

Valley of the Dry Bones by James Nesbitt (Click on image for larger version)

In the combox of the post of my Pentecost homily I noted that my attempts at producing a podcast of my homily had failed. But I tried again and this time I think I got it right. Here it is:

Podcast of Homily for Pentecost 2010:
Fr. Austin Fleming at Holy Family Parish, Concord

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Philomena Ewing said...

Well Done You for perseverance!!

This is fantastic.

Fran said...

That was extraordinary... So much more powerful than reading the text. Thank you for your witness and presence, thank you for sharing this with us.

Concord Carpenter said...

Awesome job - no video?

ConcordPastor said...

I can do this audio piece with a touch of a button right where I'm standing to preach and then about 5 minutes getting it online (now that I know how to do it!). Video will require someone else on the other side of the sanctuary and then post-taping production and right now I don't have that lined up.

rag said...

What a wonderful way to express the scriptures for Pentecost and the quilt is breath taking. Your site has become a daily inspiration for me.

Thank you and God Bless You Father !


anne said...

Thanks. Your blog keeps getting better all the time.

Pat said...

Shared your homily with my 11-year-old grandson - he was fascinated with the "visual" power of your words!


judy said...

Bravo...this was a great idea until you get video up and running!


ConcordPastor said...

Thanks, Judy! Maybe I'll get to video over the summer.