Enjoying the gift of summertime...

Video by Rachelle Steinberg

Beautiful images and a delightful poem for celebrating summertime and a tall, cool glass of Vivaldi for toasting this season!

The Sun Grows In Your Smile

When you smile, the air grows warm and soft,
the earth is watered with gentle mists,
seeds sprout and spread leaves above the dark, damp soil,
earthworms pierce the crust and frolic across the surface
to the delight of fat, happily hunting robins,
lilies of the valley unfurl beside purple, grape-scented irises,
fat pink and maroon peonies, and gay California poppies,
damask roses hurl their rich fragrance to the wind,
the crazy-with-sheer-joy song of the Northern mockingbird
echoes above other chirps and sweet winged notes,
gardeners join the worms in the warm, rich dirt,
children gallop across yards and grab handfuls of dandelions
to present to mothers who will set them in glasses of water
in kitchen windows or on dining room tables, weeds
glorious after the dark of winter with the color of the sun
that grows and warms and heals in your smile.

- by Linda Rodriguez, from Hearts Migration

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  1. Just a beautiful video, thank you for sharing......:-) Hugs

  2. What a glorious creation of which we are part! Truly eye and ear candy for this worker stuck in a windowless cube. Just the right shot-in-the-arm to get me through the day! Thanks

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