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For a few days, I'm moving the widget for the Catholic TV video player to the top of my sidebar.

See it over there?

With that widget you can watch a variety of programming produced by CatholicTV right here on my page.

Try it out!

I've pulled that widget to the top of the sidebar to get your attention and invite you to help CatholicTV grow. Here's the invitation:
Join the team and help bring The CatholicTV Network not only into your home, but into the homes of your neighbors, friends and fellow parishioners. Fill out this simple form to join our list of supporters.
It doesn't cost a cent to sign up as a supporter and it won't take you more than a minute to complete the simple form.

When you follow the link to the form you'll see a menu there to help you find where CatholicTV is already available and you'll also find help for contacting cable and satellite providers to encourage them to add Catholic TV to their schedule.

(If you click on the last link in the previous paragraph, you'll find that CatholicTV director Fr. Bob Reed appears on your screen, walking around the sidebar, talking to you and pointing out features on the page. I just hope some day I'll be able to do the same thing on my blog!)

But until then, I've signed up -- and hope you will, too!

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  1. My wife and I are blessed that we are now able to receive Catholic TV with our current provider in Pawtucket, RI (the previous one did not carry it, and I was not aware it existed).

    We highly recommend Catholic TV. It has a number of great programs - ones that are inspirational, thought-provoking, educational, and entertaining.


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