Cooke's in Hyannis for the best fried clams!

Photo by CP (For a "larger serving" click on the image!)

This was my dinner this evening and it was wonderful. In Hyannis there are, in my estimation, two places to go for fried clams: Cooke's and Baxter's.

Both have excellent seafood but while Baxter's has the edge on ambiance (right on the water, opportunity for rustic indoor or outdoor dining), I believe Cooke's (on a commercial strip of Route 132) serves up a better offering for those hungry for seafood.

Cooke's has been voted "Best Seafood" by Cape Cod Life every year since 1993 and was voted "Best Fried Clams" by WCOD for five straight years. Ambiance aside, Cooke's clams are consistently sweet, never chewy, and battered and fried to perfection. The clams are plated over a base of french fries and topped with onion rings (high marks on the rings, too). On the side is a small cup of cole slaw (always fresh!) and tartar sauce. For kids the menu includes the usual burgers, dogs, chicken fingers and grilled cheese. For adult taste, beer and wine are served.

If you're on the Cape for at least a few days, I'd suggest you try both places and make your own decision - you won't be disappointed in either case. Baxter's has its harbor side site on Pleasant Street while you'll find a Baxter's both in Hyannis and in Mashpee.

P.S. When ordering, you'll be asked if you prefer "whole belly" clams or clam strips. If you really want to know what great fried clams taste like - go for the whole clam!

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  1. Mmmmmm - this looks mucha deliciosa.

    I have heard the expression "happy as a clam at high water" as they cannot be collected then.

    What was the dessert ??!!

  2. I've been to both of these places and think they are great. I'd prefer lunch at Cooke's and dinner at Baxter's, because it's so beautiful eating outside looking out at the harbor. Your review was excellent!!

  3. Of course eating like that more than once or twice a year could kill a person, but what a way to go...Thanks for the heads-up.

  4. Oh Austin, just looking at your picture of fried clams makes me want to jump in my car and drive the 5 hours to Cooke's. It is a "must" for us when we vacation on the Cape and we have never been disappointed. I hope they have a restaurant in heaven---what an incentive that would be!

  5. After that meal there was no room for dessert!

  6. Yum! Looks great! I can't eat that stuff anymore though for multiple reasons...sigh. You once lived on the North Shore so you must remember the popular Clam Box in Ipswich. My favorite seafood place growing up, no longer there, was Heck Allen's on the Saugus/Lynn line for the best fried haddock!
    Now it seems I have to choose from the baked options on any menu!!

  7. You must be reading too quickly, Faith: Mashpee is already noted above

  8. Looks simply scrumptious and sounds as if it was! Cooke's might want to use your photo for their advertising.


  9. I'm a vegetarian (not vegan) but your picture and description was so appealing and convincing...

    I'm not sure about actually trying clams- again- (I never really liked clams even before I was vegetarian- and, yes, I have actually tried them)-
    but, still, you've sparked my interest and the possibility of maybe some day...
    (but definitely the fries and rings!)


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