Monica: a patron saint for worried mothers...

When in Rome, do as the Romans do!

Do you know the origin of that familiar phrase? It comes from today's saint on the Church calendar, Monica, mother of St. Augustine.

St. Monica was a favorite saint of my mother who passed from this life to life with God on St. Monica's day, 16 years ago.

(Please follow the link above to learn more about Monica's life and faith - and the conversation that led to that famous phrase!)

The image on the left is one of the great Communion of the Saints Tapestries in the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles. Below is a study of Monica (H/T to The Deacon's Bench) - John Nava is the artist. (Click on the image to the left to enlarge it and you will see Monica standing with Saints Peter Chanel, Thomas, Clare and Francis. Click on the image below for a larger version.)

Here's a Prayer to St. Monica for mothers (and fathers) to pray for their children:

Dear Saint Monica, patron of all mothers,
please take my children under your protection,
especially those who have turned away
from the path of Christ and his Church.

Help them be faithful to the grace
of their Baptism and Confirmation

and bring them home to the Altar of the Eucharist.
Despite the temptations and difficulties that face them,
help them find the wisdom and strength
to walk always with the Lord.

Dear St. Monica, pray for my children
(mention your children by name)
that they may share with you and all the saints

the peace and joy of life forever with Christ.

(You might forward this post to moms (and dads) who pray for their children's relationship with the Lord and his Church...)

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  1. Nice prayer. There's also a St. Monica's Sodality for parents whose children have strayed.


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