Word for the Weekend: August 29

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The summer days are winding down and the ordinals of Sundays in Ordinary Time increase - this week to the 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time.

You'll find the scriptures for August 28th and commentary on them here. And for those shepherding young ones to Mass, you'll find hints to help children prepare to hear the Word here.

Both the first reading (Sirach) and the gospel (Luke) teach us about humility. The second reading (Hebrews) is quite different, showing us the glory of what we approach in faith, in Christ.


Who among us wants to be humble?
How much of our lives are spent insuring that we rise above the level of the humble?
Do any of us desire to be humbled? by God? by others? by circumstance?


What is it? and do we want it?

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  1. Humility for me is the most right place to be!!! Sometimes the shock of it can surprise me, but once i put my defenses down, realize it is from God and for my own good, i see it for the gift it is and the peace it brings. As a follower it is what i strive for!


  2. Beautifully stated, JW: thank you!

  3. (my thoughts come a little "late"... )

    Humility, to me, is coming to the realization and being fully aware that I am nothing without God-
    and feeling tremendous relief and a peace that is so great and so huge that it is almost ominous-
    but so very good-
    ominous because of the unfamiliarity, the unknown, the fragility.
    Humility: so fragile yet so very strong.

    Unfortunately, the humbleness I feel most of the time is shaded-
    by negativity- hurt- judgement- humiliation- embarrassment-
    I feel humble, but whatever good there is, is slapped away, stepped on, spit on-
    my confidence is shattered and laughed at-
    this is my reality, for now- I accept that, but only to help me be more aware, to learn and grow and move forward-

    So, my prayer and hope is that I am able to not be controlled by that which pulls me down so deep-
    so far and so often that most of my energy and time is spent climbing back up-
    to the goal of that peace-
    where I can finally feel a calm and freedom...

  4. Never too late to comment, Michelle - thank you.


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