And so, it is September...

Photo by Rachel Ford James

The weather's been turning my head and heart from grieving summer's end, teasing me to an affair with autumn, not yet quite here. This season between seasons sidles up and takes my hand, walking me from a warm summer's sun to shorter days, a cooler clime: time to ready a soul for fall's hues and hints of winter. I take this walk each year when all paths lead to the place where summer is no longer and winter's arms beckon an embrace.

I've walked this way so many times and so have you: looking, hoping for, finding spring's promise to courage us down the road...

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  1. This is amazingly lovely!! Would you mind if I posted this as my status on facebook (giving you proper credit, of course!)?

  2. I'd be pleased if you did, Linda. Please link to my blog which you can do by cutting and pasting the URL of this post into your status box.

  3. Ok, I will!
    Thank you!

  4. I felt quite sad when I read this. Your words are poignant and full of nostalgia but when I focus on the last part " looking, hoping for spring's promise to courage us down the road I realise that is what I need to stay with:
    Courage to see that the road ahead will lead me to a clear space- for a little while at least until the inner and outer winds of the world sweep me up into some sort of maelstrom as usual.
    Season of mists and mellow fruitfullness - was that by Shelley or someone else ? Can't remember !!

  5. as the summer season comes to an end and the autumn season begins, I am about to come face to face with a very important and very difficult ending in my life. I feel sad and alone and lost...

    (I am glad that you decided to preach on the lost sheep and the lost coin this weekend)

    I pray for God to be with me, more than ever, holding my hand tightly and constantly, walking with me and guiding me towards a place of safety and comfort and hope...


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