November: praying for peace for All Souls...

We always pray for those who have died and we do so with special devotion in November, the month of All Souls.

You might pause for a moment and remember, perhaps even write down, the names of those who have died for whom you want to pray. Then pray these words from the 1969 Funeral Rite:

Peace be with those who have left us and have gone to God.
May they be at peace.
May they be with God.

May they be with the living God.
May they be with the immortal God.
May they be in God's hands.

May they sleep in peace.
May they live in peace.
May they be where the name of God is great.

May they be with the living God now and on the day of judgment.
May they live with God.
May they live in eternal light.

May they live in the peace of the Lord.
May they live forever in peace,
With God in peace.


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