A scene from the bar in Isaiah's peaceable kingdom

Peaceable Kingdom with Two Olives by Will Bullas (used with permission)

This Sunday's first scripture includes Isaiah's description of a peaceable kingdom where all enmity and fear have disappeared  -- even in the wild kingdom.

Although the prophet doesn't actually pair the lion and the lamb, that duo often appears in art and preaching and they certainly faithfully depict the peace promised in Isaiah's vision.

Seating these two at a bar, sharing martinis further stretches the prophet's text!  But if it got you to read this far - that's fine by me!

Perhaps we can play with Isaiah's image as artist Will Bullas has in his work above.

If I consider the relationships in my life, am I a lion or a lamb?

And just as others would be surprised to see the lion and the lamb out together at a bar, whose joining me for a drink would be a sure sign that the peaceable kingdom had arrived?  (Feel free to substitute a cappucino or chai at your favorite coffee bar for popping a few at the neighborhood tavern!)

And finally: what might I do this Advent to hasten the coming of the kingdom's peace in my own life and relationships?

For links to this coming Sunday's readings and commentary on them, check this earlier post.

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  1. Thank you Father I love this.

    My favourite Jesuit, Father John Tracy, God rest his soul, thought that God did not design the lion as carnivorous, but that Satan so corrupted evolution as to bring about predators and the preyed upon.

    Makes complete sense to me.

  2. George Orwell would say,
    " All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others. "

  3. This brought a smile - fabulous photo and great post. Thank you.
    On a more serious point,
    Wild animals never kill for sport unlike man.


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