Monday, December 13, 2010

Live animals in your pageant? Think again!

Deacon Greg Kandra at the Bench always has great video for us but above is one of his best yet! And it's a great way to introduce you to his new home at

Check out the Deacon's new Bench

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Philomena Ewing said...

Well, that's the three wise men out of the picture ... now for the rest of them !

deodate said...

Yikes! Our little second graders just carry their hand-made lambs. Not quite as effective but much safer.

Shannon said...

We once had a horse leave a souvenir after the St. Francis Day Blessing Service. Never again.

Anonymous said...

Too funny! What a riot!


Anonymous said...

Oops. I guess we need more practice.


This video really tickled my funny bone. Every time I think of it I start laughing. Do hope the people in the pews weren't injured and that the church had the right kind of insurance to cover camel damage.