Why is it so hard to let our God love us?

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Over at Blue Eyed Ennis, Phil has a number of great posts for Advent - very much worth the single click it will take to get there.  Here's a sample: a brief instruction on prayer from Edwina Gately - an eminently fine Advent prayer in itself.

What is it about the simple instruction here that so many of us find so difficult?  Why is it so hard to let God look upon us? to love us?

If, in Advent, we're preparing and waiting for the Lord to come to us, must we not sit down quietly, in the Lord's presence, and allow him to look upon us with love?

Be silent.

Be still.

Wait before your God.

Say nothing.

Ask nothing.

Be still.

Let your God look upon you.

That is all.

God knows.

God understands.

God loves you with an enormous love.

God only wants to look upon you with love.




Let your God love you.

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  1. I think it's so hard to imagine God loving us because it's so hard to actually love yourself. No one sees who is truly "you", except for ourselves and God. All our faults, mistakes, desires, addictions, and brokenness. It's very difficult for me to see that God loves, in spite of all these things.

  2. Thanks very much for the link to my posts Fr.Austin - much appreciated.


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