I saw it online
I just couldn't resist it
More snow this weekend

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Philomena Ewing said...

Got me looking now
No stone unturned by digging
Stay inside Keep warm

anne said...

Cold weather snow deep
Lifting shovel aching back
Tropical Island

remaining nameless said...

pretty clever sir
thank you for not resisting
this month is soon done

Austin Fleming said...

I'm happy that this combox has so many poets!

little child said...

my mind is searching
I am thinking in haiku
everything is like a poem

not so anonymous said...

I am like winter
with emotions numb and dark
praying for true peace

but God is with me
He warms me and gives me hope
promising me His love

not so anonymous said...

oops-- just saw my mistake in my second haiku-- one too many syllables!

maybe this: promising me love

(but I like my original line better, even though it is not correct)