Here's something seldom seen in the blogosphere...

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I refer to a post and its combox over at Deacon Greg's Bench.

Deacon Greg preached on Sunday's scriptures and on the same day received an email very critical of his homily. The deacon published the email and at this point, 12 readers have posted comments. In the comment thread, the critic's position is responded to with respect and the critic has written again to indicate that he sees he needs to be more open minded on the topic of the homily.

I'm sure that in the past I must have seen, at least once, such such civility and reason in combox discourse - but for the life of me I don't remember where or when...

Take a look.

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  1. ah,... forgiveness. This is hard. I can see forgiving on an individual basis. I just can't picture a country forgiving. What about 9/11? Can a country not respond and move on? I can't see it.


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