Springtime: the Pope and the Red Sox

Especially on FaceBook, I see that many of my friends are longing for Opening Day for the Red Sox as the promise and beginning of spring. As I noted in an earlier post, I live by a different calendar.

It seems that the pope and I share the same calendar and we're looking forward to the springtime of Lent.  As you know, our word Lent actually means springtime, its root referring to the lengthening of days.

Benedict XVI has thought it not too early to publish his Lenten Message for 2011.  In it, he encourages us to see how Lent  is a season for us to prepare to renew the promises of our baptism at Easter.  In this Year A of the lectionary, he notes of the importance of this round of gospel texts for the Sundays of Lent, especially the 3rd, 4th and 5th accounts from John of the Woman at the Well, the Man Born Blind and the Raising of Lazarus.

Ash Wednesday falls on March 9 this year, preceding the Red Sox debut in Texas on April 1and their first game at Fenway on April 8 by about a month. 

While you're waiting for your own home-town team to step up to the plate for the first time this year, take a look at what's ahead on the other calendar by which we mark our days.  The pope's Lenten message is here on the Vatican website.

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