Update on Philadelphia Grand Jury report

I posted recently on the Philadelphia Grand Jury report on sexual abuse by priests. A reader in the combox on that post asked if I'd read the report. I had and although I'd meant to include a link to the report itself, I hadn't done so.  Here, then, is a link to the site Bishop Accountability.org which links to the Grand Jury report.

(H/T to Michael for helping to bring this to my attention.)

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  1. I was saddened when I read your earlier post on this topic. I would have been wise to skip the Grand Jury report. I consider myself Catholic to the core and could not ever imagine leaving the Church. But this report makes me want to cry for the victims and find a more compassionate Church. How could any diocesan official have felt justified in hiding the abuse. Why did he not feel deep compassion for the victims?

    As a long-time Catholic school teacher, I know something of the issue of sexual abuse in the Church (and I was required to attend many meetings about recognizing and reporting it.) I knew 2 priests who were abusers quite well and I also know how hard the diocese worked to cover it up. (Even worse, both were quietly sent to another diocese.) But this all happened in the seventies and eighties and the last court case involving the diocese was in the early nineties. I believe that our diocese now takes accusations seriously and I know that priests with a history of abuse have left the priesthood. But this is far more recent.

    I pray with all my heart that these reports end soon. Even more, I pray that the entire mindset of the diocesan hierarchy be changed. Perhaps we who knew of the abuse should have passed information on to the new diocese - are we perhaps guilty as well.


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