Grieving: A Solitary Tear

Image by Cadfael

People grieve for many reasons and in many ways... In the last several weeks more than the usual number of grieving people have crossed my path and I'm reminded of this poem which I first posted over three years ago...

A Solitary Tear

Do you feel the tear I see
move slowly down a crevice
worn by grief
upon your cheek?

Now it stops,
too tired to move on,
one sorrowed drop welled up
from springs of empty ache,

a solitary tear
slowed, stalled,
no place to go,
no sweet hand to wipe away

the dew that slowly seeps
from deep inside
where pain pools
and spills

your hidden secret:
a parched heart's thirst
for a sip
of love now lost.

-Austin Fleming

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  1. That is beautiful - thank you. My husband's sister (and last living relative) died and we had her funeral Saturday, so this is very timely for us.

    And we have had an inordinate amount of funerals at my parish lately, it has been incredible.

  2. What an evocative poem! Thank you, Father, for sharing your great gift!

  3. I thank God for the gift of words and for the gift and desire to work with them!


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