May God have mercy on us all...

Osama bin Laden, at whose hands thousands have tragically died,
has died at our hands.

The one who took thousands of lives by violence
has now lost his by violence.

The mastermind of 9/11 and the face of global terrorism
has been silenced and snuffed out.

A critical chapter in world history has closed.
Many more chapters remain to be read, understood and written.

May God have mercy on us all
and lead us to that peace the world cannot give.

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  1. Beautifully said...let us pray

  2. I am not rejoicing at his death and your words give me comfort and hope.

    Thank you.

  3. Amen. This is the prayer I needed to read today. Bless you. Thank you.

  4. So brief, so true, so real. Thank you, Austin.

  5. I heard this news late last night when I woke up after falling asleep earlier than I expected- and the tv was on- at first I thought I was still asleep, dreaming or something- what was on the tv didn't seem real, and it didn't even make much sense, in a way- probably due to my half-sleep state-

    Today at work I heard a few comments/opinions on this news (which I'm sure was the case for most people)-
    most were happy, but I agreed with one co-worker who said, "it's sad."
    I immediately felt I understood what she meant with those two words, and also the words she did not say.
    She is the only one I had a bit of a conversation with about this (a very little bit)-
    in my not-so-eloquently-put words, I said, "it's a bad thing coming from a bad thing."
    My co-worker said she knew what I meant and agreed with me.

    (please don't misunderstand me here- although I do realize I have probably not made it easy to understand me-
    it just feels like a very complicated and terrible situation (not his death, but EVERYTHING)

  6. Austin - I asked a few people yesterday what this meant. All the celebrating..yet someone's life was taken.

    I am glad to see a few days later that some people are talking about this.

    A beautiful prayer.

    "May God have mercy on us all
    and lead us to that peace the world cannot give."

    Is it "world cannot" or "chooses not to"???

  7. I know you are not asking me this question, Gerry, but I'd like to offer my answer:
    "Is it "world cannot" or "chooses not to"???

    I think it is actually BOTH sometimes, or a lot of times-
    and often both at the same time-


Please THINK before you write
and PRAY before you think!