Homily posts: do you read and/or listen?

On Mondays, I usually take some time to listen to the audio of the homily I preached (and posted) the day before.  As I've noted before, this gives me the opportunity to hear what my parish heard and helps me identify and work on correcting problems in my delivery.

I'm often amazed at how striking can be the difference between the text and audio versions of a homily.  Tone, inflection, emphasis, pausing and so many other factors bring a printed text to life in its audio form.

So, I'm wondering...

If you take time to check out my Sunday homily posts, do you
- read the text only?
- listen to the audio only?
- read and then listen?
- listen and then read?
- read while listening?

I've posted a poll widget at the top of the sidebar and I'd find it helpful if you would indicate your preference.

Please check the option that most generally describes what you do.

Thank you!


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1 comment:

  1. I do have to say now that you brought it up that maybe I should give it a listen instead of just read it.:)


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