Monday Morning Offering - 151

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

It’s summer, Lord:
the days are warm and the nights are, too.

It’s a time to be grateful for the AC
in so many places,
cooling to comfort the spaces where
we live and work and rest and pray…

But sometimes I run too quickly from the heat,
from how the summer soaks
and seeps its way through my pores,
through muscle to bone,
through bone to the marrow of my soul,
warming me through and through
until, from the inside out,
I’m baked in a light from light years away…

Draw me from the shade and shadows, Lord,
and warm me in your love
as you warm me in your summer's sun:
soak and seep your way into my soul;
pass through the cool comforts shielding me
from the brilliance of your light,
the heat of your presence,
the burn of your desire for my heart…

Bake me in your love
until I sweat from every pore
the moist anointing of your presence…

Bathe me in the warmth of your grace
‘til I am tanned by your light touch
within and without…

Warm my heart’s desire for you
and let no cool shade keep me from the peace
your heart burns to give…

I offer you these summer days
when all creation warms to know
the light that knows no dark…

In the heat of the noonday sun
keep me mindful, Lord, of others
whose thirst I might slake in your name…

So comes my morning offering, Lord,
this summer’s day and all this week…


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