A prayer for grandparents

Over at Work of the People, Diana Macalintal has a wonderful prayer for children to pray for their grandparents - especially appropriate on this Feast of Jesus' grandparents, Anne and Joachim.

The beautiful sculpture above is by Timothy Schmalz and depicts Anne and Joachim embracing the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

A Child's Prayer for Grandparents

Dear God, please bless my grandparents.
Thank you for the life they gave my parents
and for the life they give to me.

For the ways they helped me and made me strong, I give thanks.
For the ways they love me no matter what, I rejoice.
For the ways they have paved the road
that leads me here, I am grateful.

Let them grow in wisdom and joy in life.
Let them find peace and rest from their work.
Let them be healed of every sickness and pain.
And let them see with their own eyes
the glory of your Son, Jesus,
in the love of their children and grandchildren.

Bless them always until they come to rest in you.
We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Copyright © 2005, Diana Macalintal

Image: Timothy Schmalz


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  1. Beautiful! Thank you, Austin. Brought tears to my eyes, but no surprises there!



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