The deep faith of others in our lives

Because Claire's a lady and I'm a gentleman -and we're friends- I will not tell you how old she is.

I'll only tell you that it was 17 years ago that I met her and since then I've been grateful to be part of her long life.

I met Claire at a local nursing home where she volunteered to help set up for occasional Masses and to visit with the residents every week and pray the Rosary with them.  I came to know her family, too.  Harry, Claire's beloved husband, passed away not too long ago and she misses him dearly. Her children, grandchildren and now great-grandchildren are all blessings in her life.

Today I visited Claire to pray with her, anoint her and bring her the Eucharist.  Claire was always faithful to the Sunday Table but of late she's not been strong enough to come to Mass.

Today her smile was a genuine blessing and I was graced by the tears of faith she wept as we prayed for Harry and she received the sacraments that for years she'd helped others receive at the nursing home.

The power of prayer and sacraments was a real presence at Claire's bedside this afternoon.

People of great faith pass through my life on a daily basis and so often the faith of those I serve makes my own seem shallow.  But in the faith of others I find the courage that draws me to depths I might otherwise not imagine let alone explore in my own.

Claire's faith, smile and tears drew me closer to the Lord's love in the simplest of ways and for that I give praise and thanks to God.

Please pray for Claire...  and pray we not miss the gifts of deep faith in those who pass through our lives, day by day...

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  1. like a roller coaster...
    up and down and swerving this way and that, jerking you abruptly and even violently...
    yes, this is kind of what it is like inside of me, with my thoughts and ideas and beliefs...

    I often question my faith.
    My faith is something that I know is extremely important to me, but yet, it is something that causes me great confusion and worry and fear and even, I think, pain.
    I go back and forth in my mind, turning things over, questioning, trying to answer, usually with not much success...
    and then I am exhausted.
    and I think at THAT point is probably when my most productive praying happens.
    And you should know, at this point, often I don't have many words for my prayers- sometimes, only tears.
    But I have learned (from a very important person, and from their faith) that THIS is an important form of prayer.
    ...hmmm, I just realized that I went off the subject of faith and went into prayer...
    but, they go together anyway, so maybe this is okay...
    Anyway, I often question my faith and wonder if it is right and good enough and lots of other things...
    and then I realize, often at a very critical moment, that my faith somehow is what has kept, and does now, keep me safe, somehow, time and time again-

    and the faith of others-
    a few others-
    has somehow kept my faith alive-
    (and I don't understand this, but with faith, I think maybe that is part of the point- you don't have to understand all of it- that's part of what faith does- helps you when you just don't understand and feel that you just can't do anymore... )
    so, as very confusing as it is, faith is a very powerful thing and it is what is keeping me going, somehow...

  2. Look for, observe, find, follow, depend on, delight in, delve into, enjoy, rest in the faith of others who pass through our life...

  3. Thank you both for putting into words what is so often difficult for me to express. Michelle, you are not alone on that roller coaster.

  4. Beautiful post. Made me shed a tear.

    I think that is my faith talking to me!


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