Poll on preaching: SURVEY SAYS!

It's been a long time, probably more than a year, since I've put up a poll on this page. I had tried several times, on different topics, but the response was minimal and disappointing. But I tried again - and, to my happy surprise, just over 100 readers responded. Though you can no longer vote, the poll widget is still at the top of my sidebar - take a look. 

For about a year I've been posting the audio of my Sunday homily each week in addition to the text and I've been wondering which of the two you've found most helpful.

As you can see, the majority (63%) read the text only and only 2% only listen to the audio.  Just about a third of respondents (34%) both read and listen in some combination.  Two respondents (2%) pay my homily no attention at all online.

There's a bit more work involved in recording and then converting the file for posting here but I'm more than pleased to do that for those who find it helpful.  And, as I've noted before, having the audio is helpful to the preacher, too!  I know that I "hear" things in my homily that I didn't "read" as I wrote it.  And of course, listening offers me the opportunity to critique my own public speaking and delivery.

Having written, preached, read and heard my homily each week, I know there's something in the audio that I myself don't find in the text.

So, thank you for your interest and taking a little time to respond - it's much appreciated!

And if you haven't listened to the audio - give it a try!


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  1. I have been away. I do both. Being a member of the parish I find hearing your voice so comforting and feeling like I am home. Thanks for taking the extra time.


  2. I'm waiting for the video version :-)


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