Word for the Weekend: August 7

Time to get your bibles out - or at least link to this coming Sunday's readings and commentary on them.

Got kids?  They need to prepare to hear the Word, too.  Link to some notes to help prepare your children to hear God's word this weekend - whether you're at home or away on vacation!

This weekend's scriptures include the wonderful story of Elijah standing in a cave and dealing with strong winds, crushing rocks, fire, earthquakes and - whispers...

Writing to the Romans, Paul laments that his own people have not been quick to accept the gospel but then reiterates how much they have received from God - gifts that are still ours today as followers of Christ...

In the gospel story, Peter and his friends go for a boat ride and end up dealing with strong winds, rough seas, a ghostly apparition, an amazing dare - and a near drowning!

But someone comes along to save everyone from peril on the sea...

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