Word for the Weekend: August 28

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Time to sit, still, for at least a few minutes to look over the scriptures for the Lord's Day this weekend, the 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time.

The scriptures and background material on them are, as always, easily accessible at the St. Louis University Sunday Liturgy site.

Got kids? We won't leave them out as we prepare for worship. Check out the Sadlier page for age-appropriate materials to help your young ones get ready to hear the Word at Mass this weekend.

Ever felt duped by God? So did the prophet Jeremiah - and he says just that in this Sunday's first lesson.

St. Paul, writing to the Romans and to us, urges us not to conform ourselves to the present age... tough words - and tougher to understand in each succeeding age. What in our own age is not deserving of our conformity?

Do you find yourself carrying a cross? Is it getting heavy?  Jesus has something to say about that in the gospel for this Sunday.

Strong words in this Sunday's readings: prepare to hear them!

You'll be amazed the difference it will make on Sunday if you sit with these scriptures for even 10 minutes this week..

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