Job well done, Steve!

Of course, I don't know Steve Jobs.

But I do know that his Apple products have been an important part of my ministry since first I touched a computer keyboard back in 1990. My first computer was an Apple and every one since has been an Apple.  And no, I can't imagine ever having anything but an Apple product on my desk (or slung over my shoulder in a bag!).

This page comes to you from a MacBook Pro and I often pick up your comments on my iPhone.

I'm one of those confirmed, intransigent Apple fans - we're incorrigible!

So, Steve has decided to step down as CEO of Apple.  I've read that he's got good people in place and that he'll continue to consult on the development of Apple products.  And that's good news.

I wish him well and especially do I pray for his good health.

Thanks, Steve!

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