A morning prayer


O, good God, good morning!

You've given me another day to live,
a day to shape into something beautiful,

a day to serve others, a day to give you thanks,

a day in the life of you and me, Lord.

How would you have me spend this day?

With whom would you have me share it?

Along what path will your Spirit draw me?

Close to whose heart will your heart lead me?

What word would you have me speak today?

What quiet time together have you planned for us to share?

What tears might I cry today

And with what joy will you touch my soul?

When I'm tired today give me strength, Lord.

When I'm moving too fast, slow me down.

When I'm saying too much, let me know.

When I need to speak, give me words to say.

Give me patience with this day's routine, Lord,

and open my eyes to see what is fresh and new.

Because this day comes from your hand, it's blessed

and because I can offer it back to you, it's a gift.

O, good God, good morning!

Keep me safe until I say good night...

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1 comment:

  1. thank you for this prayer...

    God, I think I tried-
    I hope I did-
    as best I could-

    it was a long day-

    now I hope and pray I made even a little bit of difference...


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