Word for the Weekend: October 16

Image from ForumAncientCoins: the denarius of Tiberias, possibly the kind of coin Jesus used in this Sunday's gospel.

It's time again to look over the scriptures for the coming Sunday, the Twenty-ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time.

For the readings for the 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time (and some brief commentary on them) take a look right here.   Got kids? To help them prepare to hear the Lord's Word on Sunday, check out this link.

The gospel includes this classic dialogue:

The Pharisees asked,
"Tell us, then, what is your opinion:
Is it lawful to pay the census tax to Caesar or not?"
Jesus said...
"Show me the coin that pays the census tax."
Then they handed him the Roman coin.
He said to them, "Whose image is this and whose inscription?"
They replied, "Caesar's."
At that he said to them,
"Then repay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar
and to God what belongs to God."

The scene for this is set in the first scripture where Cyrus, a pagan Persian emperor, is anointed by the Lord to conquer Babylon and to restore God’s people to their homeland: a contre temps between politics and faith.

Tensions between church and state, faith and patriotism, are still live issues after all the centuries that have passed since these scriptures were written.  

Who, what claims your allegiance?  To whom do your heart, your loyalty belong?

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  1. My Love and allegiance is to G-?
    in,through, with,etc.etc...the Godness of ISness...PLUS ???? WAY
    beyond words, pitures, ideas, throughts...perhaps only FELT


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