On using the new Roman Missal

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Just a few words before I leave on retreat regarding my experience on "New Translation Sunday."

Since yesterday afternoon I've presided at Mass three times with the new translation. The experience has put me in mind of buying a new pair of shoes.

I always find myself telling the salesperson, "I think these are too tight" but the clerk assures me the shoes are my size and that after I've worn them for a while, they'll fit just fine.

Sometimes I go along with that but sometimes I say, "No, these are just too tight - let me try another size or style."

At the shoe store, you get to make the decision but in the case of the new Missal, one size is supposed to fit all and we all leave the store wearing the same shoe regardless of how well we believe they fit.

I'll be walking around in these new shoes for many years and only time will tell how well they'll come to fit.

But this afternoon, my feet are sore.


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  1. Your complete honesty is so refreshing. Not that everything you say isn't completely honest!

    At the Consecration I have always envisioned the apostles gathered at table around Jesus when he took the cup. Somehow when he takes a chalice it doesn't fit my picture of the gathering.

    "Dewfall" jarringly jumps out.

    And I hope that I am one of the many that Christ died for. I felt better when I knew that he died for all.



  2. I wonder how long it will take to walk painlessly. I have blisters.

  3. I'm sorry... I wish YOU could write the new Missal. I'd love to hear the poetry.

  4. What a hopeful comment! ...and such a creative way to keep the conversation open. It really is too soon to make a definitive evaluation of this new translation. I do hope it grows on us all.

  5. Ouch !!

    My reactions to it so far have been predominantly a sense of coldness at the end of the Mass.

    The eucharist thankfully remains the brightest spot.

    I'll persevere.


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