Christmas Urban Legends

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If not already, you'll likely soon receive some emailed forwards about such things as the catachetical origins of the song, The Twelve Days of Christmas, or the religious basis for Candy Canes or the supposed secular origins of the term Xmas.

The links in the previous paragraph will bring you to the Urban Legends debunkers at Snopes.com
and the truth about such forwards.

Do your friends a favor and check out the forwards you receive before cluttering the inboxes of all your friends with seasonal nonsense!

And you'll find the real scoop on all Christmas legends on Snopes' holiday page.


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  1. This is a good one, I particularly like the Chi and Xmas one as it often causes a stir.

  2. Even though The Twelve Days of Christmas song was not created as a catechetical tool, I see no harm in using it as such now. Do you?

  3. We have so many fine, true catechetical tools to use - I wouldn't rely on this historically faulty/fabricated material as some kind of memory device for learning a rather disparate collection of faith-releated items. I'd be more positively inclined to use it (without the fabricated history) if the all the items were better connected, one with another.


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