Lussekatter: a sweet treat on St. Lucy Day

Photo: CP
CC, a parishioner and fine baker, presented me with this St. Lucia Bun (Lussekatter) after Mass on Sunday.  Lussekatter is a traditional sweet treat in Scandavian countries, served on the feast of St. Lucy, December 13.

Are you a baker?  Here's a recipe!

I'm saving this treat for breakfast tomorrow but you don't have to wait until then to learn some more about Santa Lucia.

St. Lucy is the patron saint of those who have problems with their sight.  Pray on her feast for those who are blind or suffer from eye disease - and for those who care for them.


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  1. I read the recipe for the St. Lucia bun. That was a labor of love. I hope you savored every bite!


  2. Looks like a recipe for Cornish saffron cake or buns.

    They are very popular here and have a similar recipe. They used to be served only at Easter as part of what were called "tea treats" but that's gone out the window now and they are eaten all year round.
    They like to put a dollop of Cornish cream and/or jam on them here.
    Enjoy !!


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