An early Valentine, of sorts...

Take My Heart by Gwen Meharg

Is there anyone among us who does not long and pray
for peaceful days and restful nights?

Do you know anyone who does not hope
for a day free from worry and fear,
an evening brimming with contentment?

Has anyone a heart that does not ache
to be known, loved and accepted
without conditions or strings attached?

Who among us knows another
whose desires are any different than our own?

We are much more all the same than we are different.
In our souls, similarities far outnumber disparities.

From the same place within
every one of us wants, needs and hungers for the same food.
And only one who knows that hunger
can feed and nourish another's heart.

Good God,
help us to see, to know and to nourish
the hearts of those around us.

And open our hearts to all who would,
with love, feed and nourish us.


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  1. Your timing is amazing----thank you for sharing

  2. For God so loVed the world,

    That He gAve

    His onLy



    That whosoever

    Believeth In Him

    Should Not perish,

    But have Everlasting life.'

    John 3:16


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