Word for the Weekend: February 12

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The first scripture on Sunday brings us face to face with scabs, pustules, blotches and leprosy!  Even the vocabulary tempts us to shrink back in fear and, as you'll see in the reading, that's just how those afflicted with such problems were treated in biblical times - as unclean.

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Just the opposite is found in the gospel!  A leper approaches Jesus who does not turn him away, much less flee from him.  Jesus welcomes, accepts, touches and heals the man.

Whom do we avoid in our lives?  Who are the unclean in our own times? Who are the ones we don't want to touch?  Who needs the healing of our touch? our presence? our acceptance?

Writing to the Corinthians, Paul advises us to give no offense to anyone.  It might serve us well to think of those who are distanced from us by our own words, deeds and silence and to ponder how we have offended them..

For the Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time: the readings and brief commentary on them are here.

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  1. We are all lepers and can be healed in our TOUCHING and service to the poor.

    In healing, we come to know Who we are and Whose we are. In our healing we learn to KNOW AND LOV HIM.


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