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Today is my mother's birthday. Were she still with us, this would be her 90th birthday.

My sister has posted a beautiful remembrance on her blog, Keeping Me In Stitches.  I don't post too much family business here but I think my sister's post warrants an exception to the general rule.

If your mother is still with you: give her a call, send her an email, write her a note or send her a card.  She'll be glad you did - and so will you!


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  1. Simply beautiful. My mama has been gone since 1991; I miss her every day.

    Prayers for you!

  2. Happy 90th Birthday to your Mom. She would be so proud of how you have led your flock through a difficult time. My mother passed away 20 years ago and I still miss her everyday. I am amazed and grateful how present she still is in my life through memories similar to those your sister shared.pam

  3. "If your mother is still with you: give her a call, send her an email, write her a note or send her a card. You'll be glad you did - and so will she!"


  4. I have to confess to a last minute edit which occurred after you read the original post. I reversed the pronouns in the last sentence of my post!

  5. This coming June 10 my mother will have been in heaven for 30 years. I too miss her and think of her everyday. Am very grateful to have been blessed with such a lovely mother. Not all are so fortunate as we are.


  6. Happy Memories to you,Ruth and your family on this day. My mother died in '96 - and like others who have commented here, she is very much present with me and missed greatly.

  7. your Mom will long be remembered by me and my kids and of course your yncle--

  8. What a nice tribute. Thanks for sharing this, and happy birthday to your mom.

  9. I just read Ruthie's memory and it is lovely....and your picture is really cute!! My Mom left us 18 yrs ago and I still miss her and wish she could see her family today! I have a crocheted afghan she made for us over 35 yrs ago on our bed right now! It's still a prize!


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