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Do a little math and you'll find that there are more voting cardinals in Europe than in the rest of the world combined.

Here's a report on an end of the year (2011) speech by Pope Benedict XVI:
The Church in Europe is facing “a crisis of faith,” Pope Benedict XVI said in a year-end address to the leaders of the Roman Curia.

Citing Europe’s “fatigue” as a main reason for the crisis, the Pope noted that during the past year Europe has suffered through “an economic and financial crisis that is ultimately based on the ethical crisis looming over the Old Continent.”

The problem facing the Church, the Pope said, is well known; all Christians—especially in Europe--should be aware that “regular churchgoers are growing older all the time and that their number is constantly diminishing; that recruitment of priests is stagnating; that skepticism and unbelief are growing.” After laying out the problem, the Pope stated flatly: “If we find no answer to this—if faith does not take on new life, deep conviction, and real strength from an encounter with Jesus Christ—then all other reforms will remain ineffective.”
(read the complete article here at Catholic Culture)


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  1. On a separate point the Catholic culture site says this :
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    (So you have to pay to speak ?!!)

  2. I was just looking for a quick link to the pope's December speech and this was the first one I found. :-)


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