Are you just starting Lent?

Lent is half over, as of yesterday.

But half of Lent is still ahead of us and it's not too late (in fact it's never too late) to begin living the Lenten season.

Don't worry about the missed opportunities of the first 20 days - focus on the possibilities for you in next 20 days!

To help you get started, check out this earlier post and this one, too.

For a look at all the Lenten posts on this blog, click here or on the Cross on the sidebar.

If today's the first day of Lent for you, be assured that the Lord is with you and pleased to welcome you to this holy season of prayer, fasting and works of mercy.

As inscribed on the Cross above: Lent is a season for us to be still...  and to know the presence of God in our lives...


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